Planning & DIY

Unless you are working on a job you've done before, DIY projects usually require much thought, practice and research to be done properly - not to mention you'll need the right tools.

At Ravenshoe Home Timber & Hardware we know how difficult DIY projects can be, which is why we're happy to offer advice and assistance for your project every step of the way. From power tools and garden products to general advice, we're your one-stop hardware shop!

We'll Answer All Your Questions

When planning a DIY project, you'll most likely be asking yourself a lot of questions, such as:

  • What water pump do I need?
  • What building materials do I need for my project?
  • What paint should I use to paint my house?
  • What power tool is best for the job?
  • What Stihl product best suits my needs?
  • What do I need for an underground irrigation system in my garden?
  • What plant(s) would be suitable for my garden?
  • What fertiliser or spray do I need to make my garden or lawn better?

Our friendly staff are available at our Ravenshoe hardware store and over the phone to answer all these questions and much, much more.

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